Painted by Mr. Robot

Painting machine
Jeffrey Saks

Can machines be curious and expressive? Researchers at Columbia’s Creative Machines Lab think so. The lab brings together engineers, computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and biologists to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing. Among their latest creations: robots that are self-reflective, questioning, and even artistic. “We trained decommissioned factory robots, imbued with creative AI, to paint,” says Hod Lipson, a professor of mechanical engineering and data science and the director of the lab. “Some were good. Some weren’t. And one stood out: PIX18.” We asked if PIX18 could create some artwork for the magazine. The result, an homage to Daniel Chester French, captures Alma Mater in sepia-toned splendor.

Alma Mater painting
Jeffrey Saks
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