School Abbreviations


BC   Barnard College

BUS   Graduate School of Business

CC   Columbia College

CS   Climate School

DM   College of Dental Medicine

GS   School of General Studies

GSAPP   Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

GSAS   Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

HON   (Honorary degree)

JRN   Graduate School of Journalism

JTS   Jewish Theological Seminary

KC   King's College

LAW   School of Law

LS   School of Library Service

NRS   School of Nursing

OPT   School of Optometry

PH   Mailman School of Public Health

PHRM   College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

SEAS  Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

SIPA   School of International and Public Affairs

SOA   School of the Arts

SPS   School of Professional Studies

SW   School of Social Work

TC   Teachers College

UTS   Union Theological Seminary

VPS   Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons