Top Teachers, Mentors Honored



This year, eight faculty members and graduate-student instructors received the University’s Presidential Teaching Awards. The 2020 recipients are Raymond D. Horton ’71GSAS, the Frank R. Lautenberg Professor Emeritus of Ethics and Corporate Governance; Jean E. Howard, the George Delacorte Professor in the Humanities; Bert Huang, the Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law; Stacy Kinirons, an assistant professor of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine; Michael Naft, a graduate teaching fellow and PhD candidate in psychology; Diana Rose Newby, the Marjorie Hope Nicolson Fellow and a PhD candidate in English and comparative literature; Ashley Simone ’20GSAS, a recent PhD recipient in classics and a preceptor of literature humanities; and Paola Maria Valenti, a senior lecturer in international and public affairs. 

The University also bestowed its Faculty Mentoring Awards, which are given annually to senior faculty who dedicate themselves to the professional development of junior colleagues, to literary scholar Marianne Hirsch, musicologist Ellie Hisama, biologist Darcy Kelley, constitutional-law scholar Gillian Metzger ’96LAW, and historian Mae Ngai ’98GSAS.