4 Alumni Influencers Attracting Major Followers

Columbia alumni Instagram influencers Trevor Bell, Cynthia Chen, Selby Drummond, and Jamie Grimstad


For most social-media users, Instagram is a place to share flattering selfies and proof of fun times. For those with tens of thousands of followers, it can also be a way to influence how other people shop, eat, travel, work out, and dress. Here are four Columbians who are harnessing the app’s visibility to build their personal brands.


Trevor Bell ’16CC

Trevor Bell
Trevor Bell
@trevorbell | 160,000+ followers

Bell, a former Columbia runner and football player, is a fitness model and social-media consultant. When he’s not showcasing his washboard abs and perfect pecs, he likes to dress up as a superhero and inspire everyone’s inner champion.


Cynthia Chen ’19PH 

Cynthia Chen Instagram photo
Cynthia Chen
@dxxchen | 111,000+ followers 

Chen’s passion is public health, but it’s the glam selfies and luxurious dining and travel photos posted by her Instagram alter ego that have earned her a massive following. 


Selby Drummond ’09CC 

Selby Drummond
Selby Drummond
@selbydrummond | 63,000+ followers

Drummond has made a career out of being a style influencer. A former accessories director at Vogue, she now heads fashion and beauty partnerships at Snapchat. 


Jamie Grimstad ’19CC 

Jamie Grimstad Instagram picture
Jamie Grimstad
@jamiegrimstad | 23,000+ followers

Grimstad, an entrepreneur and health and beauty marketer, posts about skin-care, workout, and fitness regimes. Her Insta also documents vacations guaranteed to bring on a severe case of FOMO.


This article appears in the Summer 2019 print edition of Columbia Magazine with the title "Connect Four."